The Destinations

Luanda_webCuby – the cabin hotel can be established in a very short period of time in every existing building which fulfils the above stated requirements – no matter in which destination.

This flexibility predestines Cuby especially for the following types of destinations:





  • The established, highly frequented market

Especially top destinations like London, Paris or New York are characterized by a high level of demand and a lack of reasonable but inviting accommodations. A gap which can be perfectly filled by Cuby – the cabin hotel.

  • Emerging destination

High growth rates in the touristic demand usually result in an insufficient supply of hotel rooms. Cuby – the cabin hotel can be implemented within an extremely short time period and is able to close this gap with an inviting and reasonable product.


  • Undeveloped markets

Undeveloped markets are characterized by an absence of the regular hotel industry. This can be caused by complicated political or economical situations which distract investors from the development of hotels. Cuby – the cabin hotel can be built up and removed rapidly and therefore guarantees an appropriateness to each situation.

Cuby is always located in the centre of the destination and disposes of a good infrastructure and transport connection.

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International: Cuby – the cabin hotel is suitable for different types of destinations all over the world and only requires a very central location.