The USPs

For investors

  • The individually produced cabins and the modular building method secure a high level of flexibility.
  • The production is carried out at cost price by a partner company in China which secures a cost- and time-efficient procedure.
  • The prefabrication of the cabins allows a short-time realization within max. 4 months after purchase order; this enables investors to react to market developments instantly.
  • The design of the cabins was taken care of by the internationally renowned Studio Baan from the Netherlands.
  • Even if a location should not be economically satisfying long-term, the investor will be able to relocate the cabins to another, more successful destination.
  • An alternative use, e.g. as a student dorm or as accommodation for workers, would also be possible.
  • Higher revenue / profit per m² because of the high bed amount per m²

For guests

  • Cuby offers a demanding but cost-efficient accommodation according to Western standards.
  • Cuby is a place of safety and coziness, even at destinations which are seen critically due to their political or economical situation.
  • Cuby is an internationally operating chain of cabin hotels which brand will be associated with security and credibility.

Successful: Cuby – the cabin hotel is an attractive concept, for guests as well as for investors.